Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a general purpose technology that will reshuffle all the things we do, in the decade to come. However, already today, AI has a high degree of maturity in specific domains.

Companies are using AI-powered software to perform credit checks, to improve the routing of inbound service calls or a to better predict churn in their customer database.

So, what is AI?

Artificial intelligence is, in fact, a popular name for a range of technologies contributing to a system thinking and acting - with various levels of autonomy - to achieve specific goals, like humans do.

AI systems sense their environment, interpret the collected (structured and unstructured) data, reason on the knowledge derived from this data and decide the best action(s) to be taken. Last, but not least, the system can adapt its behavior by analyzing the effect of its previous actions.

AI-based systems can be based purely on software (e.g. chatbots) or can be a combination of hard- and software (smart products like the Nest thermostat or Amazon’s Alexa).

Algorithms and sensors

From a software perspective, AI includes several approaches and techniques, of which machine learning (including deep learning and reinforcement learning) is the most popular.

Machine learning is the idea that generic algorithms can tell something interesting about a data set without any specific custom code solving the problem. Instead of custom code, data is fed to the algorithm, after which it builds its own logic.

Regarding the collected data, we distinguish between structured and unstructured data. Structured data is data that is organized according to pre-defined rules (such as in a database), while unstructured data does not have a known organization (such as in an image or a piece of text). Its learning, using the fed data, can be either supervised (by a human) or unsupervised.

Depending on their application, AI requires a (combination of various) sensors to gather its required data. These sensors can range from your smart phone’s camera up to very specialized and sophisticated sensors for measuring things such as temperature and pressure.

Becoming superhumans

Since AI requires a lot of computing power, today most AI applications are found in the field of non-time-critical tasks that can be calculated in the cloud. AI technology is developing on hyperspeed, however, so soon the much envisioned self-driving car (which requires extremely accurate and time-critical calculations) will become reality. The future will be on autopilot.

But before applications will start to run autonomously, AI will rather be a co-pilot. A smart assistant to automatically do boring repetitive tasks and help you in making decisions. There is much allure in having such an AI assistant: smarter search, better recommendations, automatic tagging, optimized ad spend and so on.

Expect your job to take a 180 degrees turn and every digital touchpoint with your brand to be changed.

AI Discovery Day

Based upon years of experience performing our inspiration session e-commerce, EMAKERS has developed an AI Discovery Day.

The AI Discovery Day is full-day workshop facilitated by one of our senior managers.

During the first half of the day, we will explain you the most important trends and developments on AI. After that, we will continue with a more in-depth background of some popular examples, from different industries.

In the second part of the workshop, an extended brainstorm will take place in which we will focus at identifying AI-opportunities for your organization. We will look at the changing dynamics in your market and your role as individual within your organization. Lastly, we will discuss the hurdles towards adoption of AI within your organization, including potential privacy concerns.

The AI Discovery Day is suitable for companies with no AI experience and that are interested to take a first deep dive. Its content is extremely accessible and no technological knowledge is needed prior to the workshop. We are able to host any group up to 12 persons, in every province in Flanders. The workshop can be given in English, Dutch or French.

The AI Discovery Day costs EUR 2.250 (excl. VAT), including an intake meeting at your location to tailor the day towards your organization, rental of an external location, breakfast, lunch and a follow-up phone meeting.


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