EMAKERS’ e-commerce audit light offers the same advantages of EMAKERS’ regular e-commerce site audit, but is accessible to those on a tighter budget.

The light version of EMAKERS’ audit controls your e-commerce performance on the 20 most important success factors, such as:

  • usability and content of your homepage;
  • usability and content of your product detail page;
  • the performance of your site content for Google;
  • the mobile performance of your site;
  • your online sales process.

The e-commerce audit light enriches the results of generic tools such as Google Analytics with personal insights and knowledge of the best practices in the market. We deliver the results of the audit in a comprehensive presentation that will be elaborated on a phone call.

The e-commerce audit will protect you against wrong investments

When you are planning to increase the investment in your e-commerce activities or take over an existing web shop, the audit will provide you with a quick overview on the strengths and weaknesses of the online shop. In this way, the service helps you set priorities and demonstrate what a web shop is really worth.

EMAKERS’ e-commerce audit light costs 250 euros, excluding VAT.