We are living in an era in which traditional supply chains are melting down and so-called vertical digital native brands like Dollar Shave Club or Glossier are bypassing traditional retail chains to sell directly. Customers are searching for authentic products and a direct relation with the people behind these product brands.

A solid brand experience will become even more important in an Amazon-dominated world in which your direct competition is just a-click-away. One of Poland’s prime brand specialists Human and Belgium’s e-commerce agency EMAKERS therefore team up to deliver new brands a solid total package that enables them to start selling directly.


  • Visual strategy including a logo, key visual and brief brand guide
  • Your company essentials: business card, basic Word- and Powerpoint-templates
  • A first 10-pages pitch deck based on the content you are providing us with
  • A scalable multilingual web shop, incl. 1-year hosting and service contract

The full brand package is available from 10,000 euro and will typically be delivered within four months. All customer meetings will be held through Skype, Google Hangouts or an equivalent.


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