Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce platform enabling (in particular) small- and mid-sized companies to build and exploit their web shop. While many e-commerce platforms are (locally) installed on the merchant’s server, Shopify is centrally installed and merchants pay a monthly subscription fee. Such an offer is called SaaS, or Software as a Service.

Businesses are moving more and more to such SaaS services. Traditional and SaaS platforms both have their (dis)advantages. Of all SaaS based e-commerce platforms, EMAKERS evaluates Shopify and Bigcommerce among the most mature for mid-sized companies.

Shopify states that it currently supports both small craft shops and big brand names. When selecting (any) e-commerce platform the most important factors to consider are its out of the box functionality, potential integrations with other systems, languages supported and ease to develop or maintain templates (the way your pages are presented) to your liking. Shopify scores well on these factors.

Additionally, when choosing for a SaaS solution, it is important to understand its reliability. Shopify is very keen on speed, up-time and security. Also, it offers a 24/7 support in case of trouble.