EMAKERS is a full-service e-commerce agency specifically focused on makers and (brand) manufacturers. Many producers are not yet exploiting e-commerce to their own satisfaction. Others miss the boat because they believe that selling or servicing products via internet is not relevant for their product group.

Growth opportunities e-commerce for makers and (brand) manufacturers

Since the beginning of the century, large manufacturers are actively selling through their own online store, third-party retailers, online marketplaces and sites with product comparisons. The e-commerce landscape then developed rapidly. Today, sales buttons (in Internet search engines and social media), pre-sales through crowdfunding and daily flash sales offer additional opportunities for online success. The future is also becoming increasingly mobile, driven by the breakthrough of the smartphone. Customers buy more and more directly from the manufacturer, B2C or B2B. Retailers, wholesalers and distributors will eventually disappear. Through the Internet, manufacturers simply are able to reach the end customer (private or business) directly.

Full-service e-commerce

Manufacturers traditionally have little experience with direct sales to consumers or business customers. SMEs in particular have often too little knowledge to compete with internet giants or very large producers. EMAKERS helps makers and (brand) manufacturers with a complete range of e-commerce services. We are able to offer you all the building blocks necessary for the development and operation of your online sales and service:

  • Strategy and Management, for example: website analytics, e-commerce workshops or a (part-time) e-commerce manager at your location;
  • Design and Development, for example: product photography, the production of your product descriptions and the necessary technological development;
  • Marketing and Sales, for example: attracting visitors through online marketing, optimizing sales conversion, or management of your external Internet channels;
  • Logistics and Service, for example: delivery, returns and answer incoming questions.

Through our one-stop-shop approach, we can fully embrace all your necessities. We call this full-service e-commerce or “e-commerce from A to Z”.