Today’s complexity in online sales is no longer the technical development of a standard web shop. Nowadays, for even the most complex needs usually a technological solution already exists. EMAKERS makes the explicit choice to use standard technology where possible. This allows you to get started relatively quickly and ensure continuity when someone from your e-commerce team leaves.


We begin each project with an intake by our e-commerce manager. During this first meeting we will discuss among other things the role of e-commerce in your business strategy, online visibility, your sales strategy and embedding the operational processes within your existing company. The result is a short initial advice.


Because trends and opportunities in e-commerce are evolving rapidly, the threshold (from a knowledge perspective) to be successful with e-commerce today is many times higher than 10 years ago. In order to offer you a total solution, we are therefore working with some loyal partners, all specialists in their field. Our network also enables us to scale up when needed.

Also, we often work with the advertising agency or the ICT service provider of our customers, with EMAKERS remaining responsibility for the agreed e-commerce activities.