MailChimp is an e-mail marketing application powered by easy-to-use tools for designing, sending and analysing the results of your efforts. MailChimp is among the most favourite e-mail marketing tools that exist and a good alternative for Mailerlite, also offered by EMAKERS. With MailChimp you are able to support your business with promotional e-mails, regular newsletters or e-mail marketing automation.

Seamless sign-ups

MailChimp automatically generates signup forms in their system that you can link to in a click, and tailor to your own design. In addition to the hosted forms, MailChimp also gives you access to other (more advanced) form types. In just a few clicks, MailChimp allows you to generate HTML code for a signup form that can be embedded on any page of your website. There are several different design options that, again, can also be customized to fit your own branding.

Most web shops also develop a so-called subscriber popup form. These forms pop up during a prospect’s visit to your website, for instance at welcome or when he or she is inactive for 20 seconds. MailChimp also fully supports these forms within their system.

Better targeting

Targeted e-mailings are more effective than mass e-mailings. In order to target your e-mails to a certain segment, you have to clearly indicate your customer’s preferences in your mailing list. This can be done by the customer him or herself at registration or later in a so called e-mail preference center – or can be done automatically by your e-mail system. MailChimp calls these ‘pre-built segments’.

Pre-built segments are automatically generated based on list information or subscriber activity. The MailChimp system moves contacts in and out pre-built segments when they meet (or no longer meet) specific segmentation conditions. These segments are built upon subscriber engagement, customer behaviour or demographic stats.

Subscriber engagement segments are based on the signup date of your contacts and how they interact with your email campaigns.

Customer behaviour segments are available when you connect your web shop to MailChimp. They allow you, for instance, to send a pre-defined thank-you e-mail to first-time buyers or a special offer to lapsed customers (encouraging them to return to your store). MailChimp has its own mathematic algorithms to ‘predict’ demographics. With its demographic segments you are able to target (for instance) by gender or age.

Connect with your web shop

MailChimp can be integrated with a number of e-commerce solutions, such as: Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

When you connect your web shop, customer- and purchase data can sync automatically between the different platforms, giving your customers a seamless experience to engage with your e-mail efforts. Using the synced data, you are better able to recommend them products they’ll love, send abandoned cart emails or other (order) notification messages and build e-commerce automation workflows.