Almost every company already has an online presence. You probably have an own web site with a product range, or for example a social media page on Facebook or Twitter.

When you haven’t started selling your products through the internet yet, you can consider it for various reasons:

  • Usually, an increase of the company revenue is of course the biggest motive for e-commerce. Online sales are increasing year after year, mostly at the expense of other sales channels. If you don’t put your products on sale online, you’ll lose a part of the market. Next you can choose to support your traditional consumers in their e-commerce, sell directly to your end customers or opt for a hybrid version. Such operations will at the same time enhance your brand, because you’ll be in control of the product images and descriptions your potential client will view online.
  • Countless producers are choosing not to sell online, for example because they exploit a very complex and often ‘tailor-made’ product range. These types of producers could focus their e-commerce activities at a better service for their professional partners or end customers. A ‘premium’ service such as a 24x7 helpdesk is possibly not attainable for an individual dealer, but it is attainable for your main office. These companies can for example choose to aim their online business at the lead generation (for your sales team) or to make sure default repeat purchases are carried out through the web site as much as possible.
  • Finally, direct contact with the consumer or the professional end customer will offer a big opportunity to gain more customer insights. Traditionally, the producer is further away from the end customer. Using direct sales, producers can get to know their clients better, aiming to better align the products and services to them.

If you’re interested to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation, you can always contact us for a conversation without any obligations on your location. If you think such a conversation is too early for your situation, you can also contact us for a checklist or first take your time to read more about the possibilities of e-commerce on this website.