Anyone can develop a standard web shop. There are hundreds of e-commerce platforms, of which many can even be used without any real technological knowledge. With a standard web shop, however, you will not stand out among the hundreds of alternatives within your product group.

Any new project - regardless its direction, scope or size - will benefit from starting with a briefing in which you clearly formulate your goals. Typically, when EMAKERS engages in new projects, our e-commerce manager will be happy to guide you through a briefing. He or she will ask you about your ambitions and which role e-commerce plays within your corporate and marketing strategy. Larger projects then will be followed-up with a comprehensive analysis, that might include customer research and a best practices study.


Your business goals will determine to a large extend the desired functionality for your web shop. Should products for instance be configurable, and if so, to which degree? What value do your products have - and do you need the strongest security regarding fraudulent orders? Who is your customer - and what are his or her preferred payment options? And so on.

A partner like EMAKERS will ensure that such issues will be brought to the table and that the consequences of your choices are clear in advance.


Implicit content and functionality also makes a difference. The user experience of your web shop determines the ease in which your visitors will find the 'buy button' and continue to payment. The goal is a frictionless experience in which visitors are converted to buyers. In the design phase of your web shop, such implicit aspects are defined and meticulously tested for the most important on site processes or page types. When your web shop is already working on improving these points, EMAKERS can contribute with continuous experiments and optimisation of your funnel.


Product detail pages are at the "heart" of your online presence. After all, based on your carefully-created copy and image, customers decide whether or not to proceed purchasing your products.

Most manufacturers have a decent product catalogue at their disposal that includes product images, pricing information, technical specifications and a description of the product. This information is a good starting point for your commercial web content, but is usually unattractive for end customers and not optimised for web use. Writing for the web has its own, concise style. Online, it is also important to make the quality of your product as tangible as possible. Many customers nowadays expect to be able to inspect your product. To rotate it 360 degrees, for instance - and zoom in on it to see of which material it’s made.

EMAKERS is able to efficiently write readable web copy that will properly be indexed by search engines. Based on an initial assessment of the required content for your business, we can furthermore translate copy, enrich your product photography and/or create (instructional) videos. Based on Google Analytics, we then monitor which content is or is not performing well. At the same time, we can train your own people to create web content.

For the development of content, local market knowledge is often a distinguishing factor. When you (for example) primarily focus on customers in Belgium and its neighbouring countries, you cannot ignore there is still a difference between Flemish-Dutch and Dutch-Dutch.


EMAKERS uses standard technology where possible. This allows us to start relatively quickly and with minimal development costs. Even for the most complex needs, nowadays, a technological solution already exists. Building a stable e-commerce platform requires a critical mass of users, feasible only for a few global players. The choice for standard technology furthermore ensures continuity in case someone in your e-commerce team leaves.

In any type of project, you can expect a solid technological solution direction from us - including a brief specification in which we explain our choices. We will proactively inform you on which interfaces which third party software (APIs) are needed, which processes we recommend to be automated and how we'd like to organise the acceptance tests.

For the necessary technological development, EMAKERS works with some nearshore development partners. These structural partners are carefully selected based on their technological abilities and guarantee your continuity.


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