Today, the threshold to become successful in the field of e-commerce lays much higher than 10 years ago. Trends and opportunities are developing rapidly, requiring in-depth knowledge. Many manufacturers have less than one person working in the field of online sales or service and are therefore unable to gain such knowledge.

Producers that are interested to develop their e-commerce activities in-house, need to employ someone with e-commerce as a main task. As an alternative or interim solution, EMAKERS can provide a (temporary) part-time E-commerce Manager for your organisation. We offer three profiles based on experience: the junior, medior and senior E-commerce Manager.

The junior E-commerce Manager

The junior E-commerce Manager has an all-round commercial background on a Bachelor's or Master's level. After an internal training at EMAKERS, it's possible that your company will be his or her first work experience.

The junior E-commerce Manager is able to independently execute all operational and coordinating commercial tasks associated with the operations of your web shop and sales through third-party channels. He or she has completed a marketing or economic study with extensive additional digital knowledge, for example around Google Analytics.

Of course, the junior E-commerce Manager can rely at all times on EMAKERS’ knowledge and infrastructure. He or she will be supervised intensively by a senior E-commerce Manager during the first month he or she is working for you, followed by a bi-weekly debriefing at our office.

The junior E-commerce Manager is a part-time position with a minimum employment of six months.

The medior E-commerce Manager

The medior E-commerce Manager has an extensive experience and is able to work independently on your e-commerce strategy, within your company’s overall targets.

Besides a broad marketing and economic background, he or she has a basic understanding of relevant technologies. He or she is able to manage agencies and other suppliers independently and has a realistic view on costs estimations.

The medior e-commerce manager is a part-time position with a minimum employment of six months. EMAKERS is able to deliver you this service with its own staff and a network of freelancers, each carefully selected by our quality standards - and your needs.

The senior E-commerce Manager

Senior E-commerce Managers have a strong experience in various companies. A senior E-commerce Manager is a perfect fit for short-term consulting projects, guidance on digital transformation, a soundboard of your e-commerce employee or in "crisis" situations.

The senior E-commerce Manager is available on a project basis.


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