Many manufacturers do not have a full view of the performance of their web site and e-commerce. For such manufacturers, EMAKERS developed an extended analysis that monitors the existing site, on more than 100 items, including:

  • the findability of your products through search engines;
  • content and usability;
  • security and technical performance.

In the e-commerce site audit of EMAKERS, we enrich the results of generic tools such as Google Analytics with personal insight and knowledge of the best practices in the market. In this way, the audit offers you practical and actionable tips for improving your web shop. The outcome of the analysis is described in a comprehensive report and additionally explained in a personal conversation..


The e-commerce audit is a valuable tool when you are planning to invest more in your e-commerce activities. When you are about to develop a new site, for instance, you can use the results of the audit in your agency briefing.

If you want to expand your current site, the audit can be used as a point of reference. The audit will give you a clear overview of your starting point – and when repeated, it will show the effect of your efforts. Also, the audit provides you with a neutral overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your e-commerce activities and helps you prioritise improvements.

If you want to take over an existing shop, the e-commerce audit should be part of your due diligence process. It decreases the risk of making a wrong investment.

EMAKERS’ e-commerce audit costs 850 euros, excluding VAT.
An annual update of the e-commerce audit cost 650 euros, excluding VAT.

We recommend you to repeat an audit of your web shop regularly, like you would (for example) regularly carry out a check of your car. For those companies on a tighter budget, EMAKERS also provides a light version of the audit.


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