Depending on the amount of orders and the duration of the cooperation we charge you a small monthly tariff based on the number of unique products in our warehouse (stock keeping units, SKUs) and a variable tariff for each order and/or return. The outsourcing of the fulfilment of your orders by EMAKERS is worthwhile starting form a minimum of 25 orders a day, spread over a limited number of SKUs.

As a ‘partner in e-commerce’, EMAKERS opts for a long-term cooperation. This means among other things that we pre-invest in things you don’t see such as: working instructions, daily/weekly/monthly management reporting or automatic notifications when a restocking is necessary.

EMAKERS works by default in accordance with the first in, first out (FIFO) principle.

Products that need to be assembled (‘assemblage’) unfortunately can’t be send by us (yet). We will however gladly refer you to the right partner in our network.

Presently we can’t send fresh food and frozen food either. EMAKERS doesn’t has so-called HACCP inspected cold stores and the necessary licenses of the Federal Agency for Food Safety at its disposal. We will gladly refer you to the right partner in our network.

For now, EMAKERS doesn’t work with robotics in the warehouses yet.


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