Before we can meticulously send your orders parcel after parcel, it’s of course essential that your goods will be carefully entered. When the client expects an order with three products, it shouldn’t turn out afterwards that he or she actually had bought three different products.

We ask you to follow five basic principles for your shipments to EMAKERS, which will help us keeping a complete overview of your inventory in our warehouse and building insight around the process until delivery at your customer:

Preferably we receive your products (possibly in boxes) piled up on a pallet. When using boxes we ask you to opt for sturdy and stackable cardboard which keeps your products safe from damage. When you let us ship various types of products, we ask your cooperation by placing as many of the same products in the same box or on the same pallet – and not scattered out because you had some ‘gap’ left somewhere. We ask you to not unnecessarily tape or bind the boxes.

All wrappings have to be correctly and clearly labeled. If you deliver on a pallet, then label each side of the pallet. If there are boxes on the pallet or if you deliver in boxes, (also) label those boxes. Labels of course are applied on flat surfaces that can be scanned. When your products already have a label that isn’t used, then you best place your label on top of the former one. Besides the barcode, the label most of the time also contains the name of the product and the state it is in.

We ask you to, beforehand, indicate through email a timeslot of 2 hours (from Monday to Friday inclusive, from 8:00 to 18:00) for the delivery of your goods to our warehouse. If the time has not been confirmed, we ask you to not send the goods (yet). If you are delayed you can contact us in the same way, so we can take care of the best possible solution. For the safety of our staff we ask you to also actively inform us if your shipments contain a sharp, fragile, expensive or adult product. The receipt of by law forbidden products will be reported to the police by us.

If you let goods be send to the warehouse of EMAKERS from outside Europe, then you have to do this conform Incoterm Delivered Duty Paid (carriage paid rights included). You have to register yourself as an ‘importer’ and your organization is responsible for the risks and costs including rights, taxes and other charges concerning the delivery of the goods.

To every delivery to EMAKERS a so-called Bill of Lading (B/L) has to be added. This has to be delivered with the pallet(s) or boxes for a quick verification of the loading. The Bill of Lading has to contain your company name and address, name and identification of the carrier, the reference number of the delivery and a clear mention of the content (and numbers) of the delivery. .


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