Most crowdfunding campaigns for a physical product are, in essence, a form of pre-sales in which the investor is promised a reward, most of the times the to-be-financed product. When you have successfully completed such a crowdfunding campaign, a time will come when you need to redeem this pledge. After production, your investors (buyers) will expect their reward as soon as possible. In turn, your organisation will have to handle a very large number of orders in just a few days.

Many producers also discovered the possibility of so-called flash sales. In a short time they sell a limited number of products (often with a large discount) through sites like Gilt or Vente Exclusive. Through such flash sales, new brands are able to raise rapid and effective brand awareness while existing producers can sell their previous season’s collection.

Manufacturers of consumer goods, from soda to soap, have always sought an efficient format for their repeat sales. A common business model, popularised by e-commerce supporting this, is the subscription-based model. Motivated by convenience and / or a price advantage, customers receive in such a format their desired product at a fixed frequency directly (at home). Provided the business develops, the number of customers to receive a specific product will grow day by day.


All the above models share one thing. You, the seller, will face logistical peaks that your operation is unprepared for. EMAKERS help producers cope with such peaks. Knowing your shipping moments several weeks in advance reduces the cost of outsourcing these activities. This makes it cheaper than doing it yourself.

If you’d like to opt out of surprises and know your costs beforehand, contact us in advance of your scheduled shipment. Together, we can assess the costs of packing and shipping your products based on our mutual assumptions and experience. To make the best possible estimation we will:

  • determine the desired packaging and padding based on a listing of your products;
  • determine the desired personalisation, based primarily on your brand strategy;
  • estimate the various shipping segments (combinations of product and target region) and the quantity per segment;
  • estimate the associated handling, postal and importation costs.


In close collaboration with our logistical partners, EMAKERS is able to handle logistics for crowdfunding campaigns, flash sales and subscription-based services as follows:

  • a few weeks before we plan the capacity and materials needed to carry out your project, you send your pallet (s) to our warehouse where we verify them;
  • we check your (provisional) mailing list and correct errors where possible in order to minimise the number of returns;
  • individual orders are carefully handled and presented to your delivery partner.

Our customers automatically benefit from the discounts for postal costs as negotiated by EMAKERS and its partners.


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