Many manufacturers have little experience with direct sales, making the step into e-commerce more difficult by default. After all, direct sales to end customer often means for them that they have to think in packages instead of pallets. They don’t have a real choice. For service related questions, end customers already contact the original manufacturer directly via or social media. How those service questions are handled, will largely determine your long-term success as a company.

Companies starting or expanding their direct sales efforts are often not well-equipped or prepared. The sales figures or service requests are (still) too low to recruit someone full-time or processes and systems are too rigid to be tailored to a new way of working. In such scenarios, help from outside partners can sort out your problems.

E-commerce logistics

When manufacturers choose to sell through e-commerce, they often do so by selling directly to retailers or end customers. As a result, they need to introduce the delivery of packages (instead of the shipping of pallets) for a part of their orders. When manufacturers are just starting with their e-commerce activities, it may even be that they sell only a few products (or SKUs) per week . The customer's expectation, however, is that these products are shipped directly. On the opposite: it might also occur that a company's flash sales or crowdfunding campaign is so successful that it has to handle a huge number of individual orders in just a few days.

EMAKERS developed four key services within the domain of e-commerce logistics:

  • Full-service fulfillment for web shops
  • Return management
  • Tailored packaging
  • Mass-fulfillment

Online customer service

In case of problems, customers always know how to find your website. Since the beginning of the century many manufacturers have recognized this as an opportunity and offer online support such as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or user manuals for download. Online sale is impossible without a decent online customer service. Moreover, online service offers manufacturers the opportunity to get into direct contact with their customers - often simultaneously delivering a higher quality in a cheaper way, by means of internet technology.

From the moment a customer has completed and paid his order, the real work begins. Customer expectation have been created, but much can go wrong: the product might for instance not be available, arrives too late or is broken. When your customer contacts you as a result and experiences your company as inaccessible or slow, you will read his or her story the next day on various Internet forums and social media.

EMAKERS developed five key services in the domain of Customer Service, some also affiliated with the domain of Marketing & Sales:

  • Self-service through tools and supporting information
  • The handling of customer service requests and complaints via web forms and social media
  • The monitoring of online product reviews (on third-party sites)
  • Onboarding procedures for new customer
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Do not hesitate to contact us for a cup coffee and discuss openly logistics and/or customer service for your e-commerce activities.


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