Affiliates exist in different sizes and shapes. There are, for example, the price comparators, providers of discount coupons, providers of cashback, bloggers and other content producers and affiliates who mainly focus on e-mail marketing. Each type of affiliate has his pros and cons. Which one matches best with you, also depends on your brand policy and brand recognition.

Bloggers, video makers and social media heroes are probably, the largest (in numbers) and most sought-after group of affiliates. They usually have a significant say in their community and can offer a solid forum to your product. This type of affiliates really master words such as SEO, Google Analytics, reviews, etcetera. They often work for more than one brand and also have a certain brand loyalty. There are few reasons to not work with this type of affiliates.

Price comparators, suppliers of discount coupons or other deals require a much more careful approach. Today, most checkouts have the possibility to fill in a discount code, so as a result, consumers google these codes en masse. While content producers make sure people get interested in your products, this type of affiliates can ensure that the sale is effectively made. Unfortunately, there are a lot of this type of affiliates that attract your future customer through fake codes with gigantic discounts, and then refer them to you. This is malpractice that can harm the brand experience of the customer.

Another kind of affiliates that needs a careful approach are those who mainly attract visitors through search engines. In general terms, we advise you to first optimize your SEO and SEA, before you start working with affiliates. After all: when these affiliates take over the search engines from you, you will in fact pay more than you should. If it’s profitable for them to use SEA for your product, then you should be able to do it cheaper yourself. You also risk that paid search results get more expensive, because your own affiliates are bidding against you. They advertise for example using key words as your brand name complemented by the word discount, discount code, coupon, deal, etcetera.


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