EMAKERS works for brands in numerous categories and is therefore always looking for true brand ambassadors. Are you interested in an attractive commission and occasional exclusive content and promotions for your readers? Then keep on reading.

To maintain the quality of our network, we make some demands of the selected affiliates:

  • you have at least 2.500 visitors each month on your blog or a similar number of followers through social media
  • you post at least once a month something on your primary channel
  • you don’t post offensive content
  • you respect the (local) legislation and regulation around online advertising and apply a clear deontology in indicating that your messages are sponsored
  • your channel includes less than 50% of sponsored content


You place a link to the site of the advertiser on your channel. When visitors click on this link and purchase something, you receive a commission. The commission usually varies for each provider.

As soon as your reader gets referred to us, we place a so-called cookie in his or her web browser. Through this cookie, we identify by who he or she got referred to us. There’s usually a so-called ‘storage life’ for this cookie: if someone orders after that, then the commission is repealed. It’s also possible that your reader already visited our site through another affiliate – or visits us before the purchase through another affiliate. Most advertisers then work with a distribution key concerning the commission to be paid.

Lastly, we support affiliates with reports regarding their performances and various promotion materials.


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