Many companies schedule a regular contact moment by e-mail to their full database or specific segments. This newsletter allows them to (for example) propose a new collection or highlight specific topics.

EMAKERS helps you with the production of e-mail newsletters that actually will be read. When you outsource your newsletter to us, you can focus on other (core) tasks of your business.

Our offer includes:

  • advice on how to capture e-mail addresses through your website;
  • design of an e-mail template based on your style guide;
  • clean-up of your database with recipients;
  • copy and/or photography for your e-mailing;
  • testing your e-mail, for instance using the A/B-method in which every time a single specific element of your newsletter will be optimised;
  • sending your e-mail using best in class e-mail systems, maximising the delivery of your e-mails;
  • maintaining your database with recipients, based on their preferences;
  • reporting on the performance of your mailing.

You can choose for a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletter. In most cases, we do not recommend sending your newsletter more frequently (your newsletter could be perceived as unwanted, SPAM) or less frequent (your recipient might "forget" you).

In most cases, it is wise to choose for variations of your newsletter tailored to different segments of recipients. This way, we aim to increase the relevance of your newsletter to the recipient, thereby improving performance.

The list of recipients can be automatically built via your web site – or EMAKERS can prepare your mailing list based on a provided file with contact data.

The performance of your e-mail campaign

Part of our standard service is a concise report on the performance of your e-mail campaign, including insights on what percentage of your e-mailing was not delivered properly, a list of who opened your e-mail, and details on who identified your mailing as unwanted (SPAM). Also, our performance report states who unsubscribed, or more positively, clicked on a link displayed in your e-mail. Insights on which article scored best will help you write better content in the future. At EMAKERS, we will look at the performance of your campaign from different angles, including the devices used by recipients and scoring by time. This will help you to better understand, for instance, the context in which your customers read your e-mail.


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