Successful manufacturers are often very sales-driven. It is obvious that such an organization translates its sales efforts also to digital sales. One of the most successful tool to use for this is a promotional e-mail campaign, usually aimed at a single objective. Consider, for example, selling your old stock via a dedicated section of your web shop.

Makers and manufacturers can rely, for this, on EMAKERS' know-how when they want an e-mail marketing campaign that performs well. Armed with experience and knowledge of the world’s most converting e-mailings we offer you:

  • the design of your promotional e-mails, possibly based on your total campaign;
  • the clean-up of your database with recipients;
  • the copy, photography and buttons necessary for your e-mailing;
  • testing your e-mail, for instance using the A/B-method in which every time a single specific element of your newsletter will be optimised;
  • sending your e-mail using best in class e-mail systems, maximising the delivery of your e-mails;
  • maintaining your database with recipients, based on their preferences;
  • reporting on the performance of your mailing.

A promotional e-mail can be a cost-effective addition to your e-mail newsletter, with a more urgent call to action. As a rule of thumb, we believe you should e-mail your customers a maximum of two times a month, and that those moments should be at a minimum one week from each other.

You can choose to route promotional e-mails directly to a (product) page on your own website, or to a landing page specifically designed for your campaign.


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