The majority of today's webshops are loss-making. Due to hyper competition in the field of e-commerce (your competitor is always just a click away ..) advertisers are under extreme pressure to manage their customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value into the right direction.

In just a few years time, digital marketing has become the largest advertising market, with Facebook and Google as absolute market leaders. While you can reach less and less people through traditional advertising and the effectiveness of your efforts in that field is hard to measure, you know exactly what your advertising spend will bring you when you have successfully carried out digital marketing.

Sustainable digital marketing strives for a healthy balance between winning new customers and retaining existing customers through paid advertising and activities that improve your brand awareness and findability.


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By e-mail marketing you reach your prospects and customers directly in order to better bind them to you or to sell more.

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Search engines are an important source of new customers for most e-commerce businesses. When your offer appears in the search results, you have the possibility to convert the user into a customer. To make your offer prominent, you can 'help' the search engine with the content you offer and advertise. That combination is search engine marketing. EMAKERS helps producers with their search engine optimization (SEO), campaigns via Google Adwords and Bings Ads (SEA) and is prepared for trends such as voice search

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Influencers are today’s hype. The term influencer usually refers to individuals with a high fan-out rate within a specific community. Many of them have established this rate by means of social media, sometimes coupled with a (or their) blog or a (YouTube) video channel.

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