Manufacturers of complex, modular and configurable products get the majority of their sales from personal sales - usually a combination of their own sales team and external dealers. They have a wide range of sales tools at their disposal: the customer base and prospecting system (CRM), product catalogues, a quotation system, and so on.

While many of their sales departments have invested heavily in the renewal of their CRM over the past few years, their quotation system (CPQ) has generally not changed significantly. Common problems include, for example, a poor user experience, underperforming integrations with other systems (for product and customer data, for example), or installation of the system on a local server that makes it difficult to perform updates. Also, many of these systems are "customised", often requiring a large budget for maintenance.

Easy quotations for the most complex products

With Hive, your sales force will gain between 20 and 40 percent of time. Because of its extremely intuitive use and potential integrations with third party systems, complex calculations of predefined products are very simple. The time saved, then, might be spent serving more customers - or spending more time for that special one. New members in your sales team can furthermore deliver a correct quote, quicker and independently.

Hive supports the full sales funnel, from first offer to order:

  • together with you, we configure your products and prices in the system, after which you can easily change or add products yourself;
  • because of its easy-to-use screen setup, your sales team will immediately be familiar with the system;
  • a 3D model of the configuration can immediately be presented to the end customer, offers can be provided with a layout of your choice;
  • by means of a so-called RestFul API, Hive can be integrated with your ERP and CRM system in a robust way; in this manner, the latest product and customer data is always used and data mistakes are avoided.

You give new dealers easy access to your products in Hive. Of course, you can also designate custom product combinations or special discounts to them.

The bonus for your sales force

To make it even easier for your sales force, Hive supports countless extras in addition to the basic features mentioned. The system supports, for instance, different languages. Your sales force is not tied to the The Netherlands and Belgium, so your software should neither be. When your external dealer sells complementary products of another manufacturer through Hive as well, they can use the same login for both of you. Of course, the software is sufficiently secured against malicious intruders, so you can always trust on its operations. Hive can be used in both B2B and B2C environments. The applications are infinite. In a B2C environment, that may vary from the configuration and offer for a terrace overlay to, for example, that of a boat. In a B2B environment, where often more complex situations occur, you can think of installable products such as a ventilation system or an industrial gate.

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