"Digital transformation" is at the top of the agenda of almost every entrepreneur, often followed by a question mark. Because: what is a digital business really like? And also: Is a digital business relevant to your company?

At the beginning of this century, pen and paper were still the main tool during a business meeting, while now they are being replaced by laptops, tablets and smartphones. Digital technology will change almost every sector and many business executives even think that their company will cease to exist if they do not invest in digitisation.

Where the paper planning (for example) has been replaced by Excel in the past decade, in the next decade Excel will be replaced by easy-to-use programs that provide you with optimised scheduling using the most advanced algorithms and up to date data.


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the practice of managing your company's prospects and customers – and all the interactions related to them. Often, CRM is supported by processes and automated by a CRM system in which all the sales, service and marketing related interactions, related to prospects and customers, are registered. The goal for CRM is to increase the customer’s lifetime value.

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Manufacturers of complex, modular and configurable products get the majority of their sales from personal sales - usually a combination of their own sales team and external dealers. By enabling them with a strong and intuitive quotation system (CPQ), potentially integrated with third party systems, they are easily able to make complex calculations of predefined products. The time saved, then, might be spent serving more customers - or spending more time for that special one. New members in your sales team can furthermore deliver a correct quote, quicker and independently.

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Most producers are process driven and have largely automated their processes using ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A well-implemented ERP system can help you work more efficiently and make better decisions.

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