Where customers often do not know your website to be found in the purchase process, they can find it directly in case of problems. Many manufacturers have this than even the century recognized as opportunity and offer online include supporting information such as FAQs and downloadable manuals. Online sales is accompanied by an online customer - and offers manufacturers the opportunity to direct, higher quality and cheaper customer contact. From the moment a customer has completed his order and payment process, the real work begins. The expectation has been created, but much can go wrong: the product are still not available, comes too late or defective. When the customer for example is confronted with poor accessibility or a slow customer service, create a dissatisfied customer who likes to tell his story at worst on several Internet forums. Additionally also know your offline customers to find your website. A good online customer service offers manufacturers a tremendous opportunity. Thus, the simplest questions can for example be answered without human intervene (reducing costs) and should most answers best take several hours in expectation of a customer. EMAKERS helps to establish customer-oriented business processes for the benefit of incoming customer inquiries via online channels. Our service focuses on the handling via email / web forms and social media, in particular Twitter. Through a customizable information architecture and search engine, we also try to answer most of the questions directly online. EMAKERS can also manning commissioned the online customer service. We distinguish between a "first" and "second-line" customer service, whereby the second-line acts as an escalation possibility. We often work for the establishment of a primary customer of local students who speak the language of the customer. Include o.m .:

  • onboarding new clients
  • Managent Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Infrastructure for various customer inputs including website, phone, e-mail and / or Twitter)
  • Answering primary customer queries
  • escalation to second-line helpdesk and follow up outstanding questions
  • To build and maintain a Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Reports on achieved service levels and customer satisfaction