Fulfilment partner DISTRIMEDIA and e-commerce agency EMAKERS have made an agreement aiming to make the services that are usually only within reach for the well-known e-commerce giants, also accessible for medium-sized players. With a combined offer, they both have the necessary marketing and logistic expertise needed to make e-commerce activities profitable. To start their cooperation strongly, they organize an e-commerce event in Tielt on March 29.

DISTRIMEDIA is a national player in the domain of web shop, retail and bulk fulfilment. The strong automatized company originates from the Uitgeverij Lannoo Groep. EMAKERS, with office in Gullegem and Mont-Saint-Guibert, helps SMBs from A to Z with the development and exploitation of their e-commerce activities.

Frank de Wulf, general director of DISTRIMEDIA: “People increasingly ask us for additional expertise in the domain of e-commerce. Companies knock on our door for our logistic expertise, but increasingly also ask for additional services such as special synchronizations with their e-commerce platform or more guidance in defining the unboxing experience. Now, together with EMAKERS, we will be able to meet their expectations.”

“SMBs often finds themselves pushed from pillar to post regarding their e-commerce activities. One supplier is responsible for digital marketing, another manages the web shop.”, according to Stefan Vermeulen, E-commerce Manager at EMAKERS. “With our full-service offer, EMAKERS is able to take full responsibility, on request of the client. Thanks to the cooperation with DISTRIMEDIA, we can do that for companies of all sizes.”

On 29 March, DISTRIMEDIA and EMAKERS organize an event with national and international speakers in the main office of Lannoo. You can obtain an invitation for the event via or