It is relatively easy to build a webshop or put your products on a marketplace like Ebay or Amazon. However, only when your products are online, the real work starts. Customers must find your offer and be tempted to purchase. This is a time-intensive activity that also requires you to be smarter than your competing e-commerce giants. As a result, many webshops stop within two years and most of the (smaller) webshops are currently (quietly) for sale.

Is it possible to make your web shop profitable?

Reality shows us that most product purchases today already have an online component. A product may still be purchased offline, but your customer makes online comparisons and such. In the future, most purchases will go through online channels. Shopping streets will disappear and there is no future for traditional shops. For most webshops it takes a few months and several sales actions to get the engine running. Your potential customers do not know your webshop yet and small bugs may cause friction in the purchasing process at the start. Independently from your product’s uniqueness, your customer must first find it and then convince himself. Online, your customer may find countless of - unique - alternatives within a single click. Your first year, you better reserve a minimum of operational budget for your web shop as big as for your initial development. When a webshop structurally realises less than 25 sales a week, it is difficult to make it profitable. The traditional shopkeeper who, for example, runs a webshop at the side will have trouble to really make it profitable. His digital activities should better focus on expanding the (local) relation with his customers. Also, many webshops are not more than a bad copy of others, without any added value. In 2018, a great shake out will take place of this type of standard webshops. The big ones will grow bigger and the little ones will disappear or consolidate. Manufacturers with a relatively low online presence should consider taking over an existing webshop that performs well in search engines. However, many web shop owners will also experience that their activity is simply not sellable.

Is your webshop available for sale?

EMAKERS is interested to acquire webshops that exist longer than two years and are built on WooCommerce, Magento or Shopware. Contact us when your webshop meets these terms and conditions.

Are you considering buying a webshop?

The acquisition of an existing webshop might enable you to start quickly selling your products online. Obviously, it is very important to estimate your purchase to the right value. EMAKERS can provide you with advice or systematically analyse the webshop you are interested in via our E-commerce Audit or E-commerce Audit Light.