Increasingly more consumers choose for 100% for the convenience of an online purchase. Meanwhile, the offline world is fully reviving for product purchases with the experience or quality of the product playing an essential role. This reflects for example in the rise of the exclusive flagship stores and specialised small boutiques. Many producers and manufacturers show a map on their own website featuring their points of sale, sometimes findable by entering the product category or the postal code. These so-called store locators are important to make the range findable in the offline world. There are multiple map applications enabling to integrate such a map, and in most technological platforms it’s also possible to directly integrate Google Maps.

New generation of advanced map applications

With Place.Guru (Made in Belgium) a whole new and very advanced generation of map applications came into being. One which puts the places in the limelight, and not the map itself. That way a location (for example a tea room, lingerie store or a museum shop) can be made, after which it can be easily reused on different maps. If the place is changed, then that’s visible on all maps that show that place. You choose what you tell about the location and which photos and videos you show. Of course you then can easily use these locations as store locator (with your own desired styling), but furthermore you can easily reuse this places on other maps. For example, think about applications such as content marketing (with articles like “The 10 hippest places in Amsterdam for cooking utensils” or collaborations with bloggers and other influencers, who can copy your locations in their blogs about your products.

Voorbeeld Place Guru

EMAKERS can help you to develop your maps in cooperation with your points of sale. We take over your work and your maps are always up to date. Contact us for further information.