EMAKERS is a young company started by experienced entrepreneurs. That has its pros and cons.

At our company, you won’t be fetching coffee and won’t be making copies. We offer you a serious job or an environment to carry out a research project. We don’t care where or when you do your job, but we do expect commitment and results. Once in a while we also offer you the possibility to tag along to visit customers and partners.

You don’t have to have high hopes concerning the office environment. We use co-working, Starbucks and the living room.

We welcome trainee proposals of more than 6 (and preferably 12) weeks and are specifically interested in students with the following specialisations:

  • graphic (web/ux) design;
  • front- and back-end development;
  • (digital) marketing and/or communication;
  • office management.
Preferably you’re enrolled in your third or fourth academic year.


  • Weekly evaluation session
  • Room for your own opinion and entrepreneurship
  • A workplace in the cloud and laptop


Congratulations! If we were able to capture your attention until now, we suspect you’ll capture our attention as well! We gladly invite you to send your CV along with a super short motivation letter to Stefan (stefan@emakers.be).