Shopware demo Shopware is the main player for professional e-commerce in Germany and is currently on its way to establish an equal position in other European markets. Shopware is available as a free (open source) version and various commercial versions. EMAKERS believes that the Shopware e-commerce platform is future proof and unique in its ease of use, user experience, sophisticated marketing functionalities, scalability, technological performance and reliability. Shopware is the best choice for branded manufacturers that are planning to scale their e-commerce efforts. Over 50,000 established businesses are using Shopware today, including a large number of manufacturers ranging from L’Oreal to Haribo. EMAKERS is able to offer you Shopware on an attractive subscription-based formula.

Over 2,000 plugins and integrations

Shopware is Built on PHP 7 and includes Elasticsearch and an open API allowing customisations and integrations. Too much tech speak? Shopware is based on state of the art technology. Its ease of use allows you to focus on sales, rather than on technology. Shopware is fully customisable and supported by a very large community of developers and other e-commerce professionals across Europe. There are over 2,000 certified plugins available for Shopware. Through the installation of one or several of those plugins, you are able to easily extend the platform’s free default functions, even without knowledge of coding. Shopware’s architecture furthermore offers seamless integration with other business processes and systems, such as those used for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS), Product Information Management (PIM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM). EMAKERS Shopware Business Partner

EMAKERS: the first Shopware Business Partner in Belgium

Shopware originates from Germany EMAKERS was the first Shopware Business Partner in Belgium. We develop, operate and support Shopware for companies based in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and France. Our services include among others: the development of new Shopware sites, the development of Shopware templates and plugins and the development of Shopware interfaces with third-party software such as ERP- or CRM-systems. We are often able to offer new customers a free migration service from Prestashop or Magento to Shopware.