Most SMEs experience the proposals from marketing- or advertising agencies as a black box. The quote often contains a few blocks with a vague description and unclear outcome. Even the total calculated amount below the line is, sometimes, unclear. Often, these agencies are not even transparent about the (actual) media costs and kickback fees they receive from their media partners. Ultimately, you end up on a long-term relationship with them, based on their past performance with other clients. And results from the past, do not guarantee results in the future.

In the past decades, the damage of such collaborations was only limited. You earned well, so your agency could also earn well. And occasionally, you were invited for a fun customer relationship event that confirmed you made a good choice. But nowadays, driven by e-commerce, hyper competition is taking place for almost every product group. It is no longer obvious that you are having good enough results for your commercial actions.

Time to draw a line

When your customers sign a contract with you, you are expected to produce a contractually determined number of units. If you produce less, you will earn less. Why should you not expect that exact same commitment from your e-commerce agency?

We want to send you a super-high bill

In many types of projects, EMAKERS can offer you a performance-based partnership. Such a co-operation is based on a transparent and value-driven long-term relationship.

If you are already more experienced with e-commerce, you have undoubtedly heard of so-called bots that automatically visit your online ads, resulting in a high number of ad impressions. This type of fraud will inflate the on paper performance of your online ads. The problem of such models is that these impressions do not give you any value, not even a better brand awareness. After all: on average, we are nowadays confronted with thousands of commercial messages a day, unconsciously filtering out most of them.

What does pay off are orders or leads at a minimum. Prospects starting an interaction with you. A performance-driven relationship forces agencies like EMAKERS to chase the best possible results for your business. Only then, we can we send you a super-high bill.

The small print

Performance-based marketing is only possible for both you and EMAKERS when clear rules are agreed upon in advance, which we gladly record for you in our offer.

To begin with, it must be clear what is being reimbursed - and what not. Obviously, the performance must be measurable. Depending on the type of activities, your starting position, and the product group - for example - a fixed fee or a percentage on (a part of) the revenue can be agreed upon.

Another important part of the co-operation is the co-operation itself. A performance-based partnership is not short-term, even when there are no direct results. EMAKERS believes in a professional relationship in which the responsibilities are clearly set for both parties. In this type of relationship, it is essential for us to understand how we can represent your business online.


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