To realize our ambition as a full-service partner in e-commerce, we work in close cooperation with technology, marketing and operational partners and experts.

We are also active as a member in some prominent (official) company networks, aiming to develop and share (our) knowledge.


EMAKERS cooperates with selected technology and marketing agencies, on a project basis.

As technology or IT partner, you have a thorough knowledge of the processes and systems of your clients. In the area of e-commerce however, knowledge around digital client interaction is more important than knowledge of the technology.

As creative, communication or marketing agency, you’re responsible for the brand development and promotional campaigns of your clients. You possibly also develop websites, but the development and exploitation of a web shop requires specific technical and process knowledge, knowledge of data analysis or knowledge of interactive design.

As IT-, marketing or company advisor, you accompany clients in strategy and supplier selection. You must rely on someone else for the execution of your strategy.

As a partner, we gladly stand by your side for advice around the e-commerce component of your projects. When you as a partner bring along a new client, then we will of course offer you an attractive lead fee. EMAKERS chooses for active (regional) collaborations, in which co-marketing activities and knowledge sharing are also a part of the agreement.


EMAKERS is a full-service agency for e-commerce and digital management. We can carry out almost every type of sale or service project with internet as a key role for you, from A to Z.

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We are always interested to talk about the options of a possible cooperation.

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EMAKERS is a member of VOKA and Feweb.

VOKA is the most representative member organisation in Flanders and it represents more than 18.000 companies. VOKA organises, among others, a wide range of knowledge and networking activities. EMAKERS developed, on behalf of VOKA EMAKERS, an official VOKA course about e-commerce for producers.

Feweb is the Belgian federation of web agencies. If you opt for a member of Feweb, you opt for (more) certainty. All Feweb members respect a publically consultable code of conduct for the execution of their projects.



EMAKERS has a strategical cooperation with DistriMedia for the logistic services. Together with DistriMedia, EMAKERS aims to make a service that is normally only accessible for the well-known e-commerce giants also available for medium-sized enterprises.



Where possible, EMAKERS chooses for proven standard technology.