The e-commerce landscape changes rapidly. In most product categories, more than 20 percent of the total turnover is already being spent through internet and in about 50% of the purchases, the internet is used during the orientation stage. SMBs often have too little knowledge, nor time, to make sure their offline market share is also realized online, which puts their competitive position at risk. Besides, most producers traditionally don’t sell directly to their end customer – while increasingly more clients are actually choosing to buy directly from the producer through internet.


To be able to play a role of importance in the future, the producing SMB has to digitalize his company processes and has to develop e-commerce activities. It won’t be sufficient to recruit just one e-commerce manager to achieve online successes. E-commerce, in fact, requires various disciplines: developers, designers, marketers, business process managers, etcetera. EMAKERS is a full-service partner in e-commerce, especially focused on SMBs with their own product portfolio. The offer of EMAKERS contains more than the traditional web shop. For instance, platforms of third parties are used (such as or Amazon), and we gained experience with IoT-applications like the Amazon Dash Button.

E-COMMERCE 2018 - 2020

To reap the benefits of e-commerce, we think the following three elements are important: plenty of appeal, an optimal usability and trust (of the customer) in the provider. We therefore explicitly choose for proved and scalable standard technology that’s easy to adapt to the target group. All digital marketing activities can be carried out internally as well.

For the period of 2018 – 2020 in particular, EMAKERS also focusses on four important trends:mobile first, conversational commerce, cross-border e-commerce en visual commerce.


EMAKERS aims at a position in the European top 5 regarding e-commerce, within the product range of the customers. As soon as we – together with our customers – have set clear commercial e-commerce ambitions, we as a partner take the end responsibility to realize them. From A to Z. At EMAKERS, customers don’t pay for technological development, creative elaboration or (online) campaign costs. We aim for collaborations with a duration of at least three years and are also not afraid to invest in our customers. In exchange, we expect a (monthly) commitment from our customers and a remuneration based on the achieved performances.

For certain operational activities (such as fulfilment of payments, orders and service questions) you can choose between doing those yourself or outsourcing them to other suppliers. For this, you can also use the services of our strategical partners. Our costumers – large or small – each get assigned a personal e-commerce manager, who will advise you and will operationally take the lead. Depending on the number of activities, he or she will confer with you on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis about the results of the efforts.


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We can offer you many of our services in a pay-per-performance partnership. You earn well, we earn well.

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Because business continuity is of upmost importance for us, we understand it is for you too. When you choose for (a service contract of) EMAKERS, we offer you a range of advantages by default.

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EMAKERS’ long-term focus has always been an important motive to safeguard the personal data of our customers, their customers (whose privilege we are granted to process) and our employees.

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If possible, EMAKERS uses standard technology such as WordPress / Woocommerce, Magento and Shopware. Read more


Good technology puts the user first. Both before development and during operation. Read more


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